University of Sydney CET

Director Stephen Watson from Thinkbox (The University of Sydney) collaborated with pictureDRIFT to create a promotional film for the Centre for English Teaching.
The promotional film tells the story of four highly talented graduates from China, Colombia, Zambia and Japan. Each student is studying english at the University of Sydney and describes how the opportunity will allow them to fulfil their dreams and make a real difference in their countries when they return home. Each character is placed at the centre of their imagined dream world which slowly unfolds around them. Live action directed by Thinkbox was combined with stylised 3d animated graphic environments to create an eclectic pop graphic style of animation to communicate to a student audience.


Director | Stephen Watson
Design & Animation | Robert Dinnerville
Animation | Brendan Cook
Compositing | Kelsey Shanahan
Cinematography | David Wakeley


Event visuals


3D Animation