MTV Summer Ident

pictureDRIFT won a competitive pitch to create the on-air ident to launch the mtv summer 2014 campaign.
The brief from mtv was to create an ident that was Fun, colourful, playful, upbeat and energetic featuring colourfully dressed people appearing in the scene to the beat of the building MTV Summer track, like a graphic Equalizer.
Out treatment constructed a multi layered scene built up of background, mid ground and foreground action loops. Each loop containing one character performing an action which plays through as a series of echoed movements expanding to fill the scene with complex action, then contracting again in time with the rhythm of the music.
The scene space is divided up into colour bands from the mtv summer brand. As the action extends out through the colour bands the characters wardrobe colour changes to match the colour band.


Creative Director MTV | Vanessa Zuppicich
Creative Brief | Sven Muller
Direction | Brendan Cook
Cinematography | Kevin Scott
Shoot Producer | Mark RissoGill
Stylist | Hayley Bonham
Editing & compositing | pictureDRIFT
Music | Justin Cetinich




Live action