Jemima's Big Adventure

Jemima's Big Adventure is a new program from the creators of Playschool. For the very first time children are given access to play with Jemima, transporting her into their fantasy filled, adult-free world, touching the Play School brand like never before. In each episode a Play School presenter journeys along a suburban street to drop Jemima off at a friend’s house for a fantasy themed adventurous play session with 6 little friends.
Playschool once again commissioned pictureDRIFT to create the program opener, broadcast graphics and logo for it's latest new series. We continued our collaboration with the freakishly talented art department team at ABC’s Children’s Television, photographer Anthony Geernaert and this time round worked with stop motion expert Damien Lay.
In the opening titles, through stop motion animation of puppets, sets and materials, we travel through various themed worlds constructed in the Play School aesthetic using simple everyday objects and handmade materials. In each world Jemima features as a hero character in fancy dress, slides down the back of a brontosaurus, flies through outer space in a rocket ship and rides a horse galloping along a rainbow from a magic castle.


Series Creative Director | Jan Stradling
Series Producer | Sara Dabro
Design and Animation | Brendan Cook
Stop motion animation | Damien Lay
Photography | Anthony Geernaert
Art Director for Playschool | Venetia Armstrong-Smith
Props and Sets | Melanie Monteith, Venetia Armstrong-Smith, Jennifer Gauci-Cook
Music | Sean Peter




2D Animation
Stop motion