History Building Australia promo

Carly Heaton, creative director of Foxtel Factual channels, invited pictureDRIFT to collaborate on a launch promo for their new show called "Building Australia". The idea of the promo was to feature the host John Doyle exploring the many different types of historical residential buildings of Australia (including queenslanders, inner city terraces, homesteads and beach shacks. The big challenge was we only had access to the host John Doyle for a few hours and could only get him in one location, yet we wanted to show all the ‘styles’ of Australian House." The solution was to film on greenscreen with minimal props, then build the various houses and environments digitally from location photography and measurements. Detailed measurements and planning were required to ensure that built elements on set such as fences and doors, matched up to the location photography. The photography was projected onto geometry in maya using the glyph plugin. The live action was then tracked, and animated cameras were added. Keying, rotoscoping and and final scene composites were then done in nuke.


Direction | Carly Heaton
Producer | Mark RissoGill
VFX Superviser | Brendan Cook
Compositing | Kris Carson
Matte painting | Trevor Coates
3D Animation | Trevor Coates
Photography | Chris Mollison
Cinematography | Adam Howden




Live action
3D Animation