Arnotts Tiny Teddy Spotty Dog


pictureDRIFT had the pleasure of creating a brand new edition to the hugely successful animated Tiny Teddy TVC campaign. This new tvc introduces a brand new character - Spotty dog. Spotty cheekily takes over a game of frisbee in the park, stealing the Frisbee and dragging the Teddies along on a fun filled journey. The most exciting achievement of this project was to take a character design only ever seen from one angle on the pack, and develop into a real three dimensional animated character, capable of stealing the show from some very cute Teddies and energetic kids.


Agency | GPY&R
Art Director | Dean Mortensen
Director | Brendan Cook
Producer | Jane Forest
Cinematography | Jeremy Rouse
Editor | Aaron Petersen
3D Rigging | Oyvind Nostdal
3D Animation | Tim Quarry
3D Lighting | Patrick Felgueras
Music | Bruce Heald

2012 Australian Effects and Animation Festival Finalist




Live action
3D Animation