Humpty's Big Adventure

The fourth and latest addition to the hugely successful Playschool “Big Adventure” Series features everyone’s favourite clumsy Egg trying his hand at a variety of sports and body movements whilst inspiring kids to get out into the big wide world and have a go.
pictureDRIFT again collaborated with the amazing ABC children’s art department and some very talented puppeteers and riggers to bring Humpty to life as a clumsy but enthusiastic surfer, ballet dancer, martial artist and soccer player.


Series Producer | Sarah Dabro
Series Creative Director | Jan Stradling
Design and Direction | Brendan Cook
Design and Animation | Kelsey Shanahan
Photography | Anthony Geernaert
Puppeteer | Fiona Gentle
Puppeteer | Alice Osbourne
Rigging | Bart Groen
Art Director | Venetia Armstrong-Smith
Props Artist | Clodagh Crowe
Props Artist | Cathrine Riches
Music | Sean Peter




Stop motion